Psychotic Sidekick - BOS Application

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Psychotic Sidekick - BOS Application

Post by psychotic_sidekick » Sun Jul 14, 2019 4:01 am

Good evening all,
I am a old bittervet (2009-2016) returning from a three year hiatus, and looking for a new home. My main character has been "Psychotic Sidekick" since 2009. I have spent most of my time in low-sec space, and wanted to give null sec space a serious try. I have also had the chance to interact with some RL corpmates over the years - I did Fanfest 2013, met a couple of times for Toronto EVE meets etc. I don't know anyone from BOS personally, but you guys have a long history and seem to be able to take the game seriously, but still be a chill place to have fun.
Thank you in advance for reading my application - I will try my best to answer any questions at the end.

(A) Do you know anyone in BOS that may remember you?
Please post their names:
People you know:
(B) Is there anyone in BOS that may be willing to vouch for you?
( Please note, a vouch may enhance your application but is no guarantee of acceptance. Vouches MUST be able and willing to confirm your ingame identities to the recruiters)
The person (s) you have spoken with to Vouch:
Unfortunately, I do not know anybody in BOS. However I can come chat with you guys (I am USTZ) if you want to shoot the shit, get to know me better.

2. If you don’t know anyone, how did you hear about Black Omega?
I have followed this game for over a decade. BOS is in the EVE mythology along with m0o, guiding hand, shaddoo raging, the bob bbq, etc. Perhaps the corporation is very different, but consider me a sucker for a big name.

3. Tell us about your time in Eve (alliances, corps etc).
I spent my first four years in this game in faction warfare. This was the era of the drake blob, shadows of the federation trying to poach moons off of NC/PL, the heydey of snuff box in tama, when devs still did holiday faction battleship roams.

During this time I lost hundreds of ships learning how to solo, and learning which engagements I could and could not take. I also ran small gangs when needed, or provided intel. The group I was with was very good at small ship small gang pvp, so we often took turns FCing based on who found a target solo roaming.

I then spent some time in a wormhole (four months), snuff box (half a year), and ice fire warriors (a year). These groups ran heavier comps - faction battleships, triage, dreads etc. I have specced my main to run all required comps, and have trained an alt to run many t2 supporting ship roles.

4. Tell us a bit about yourself as a person.
I am an intern architect (the underpaid kind that draws buildings, not the software kind), under 30 with no kids. I am in the Toronto, Canada area.
I would like to think I am pretty chill and keep calm under pressure. I can also take a joke, and am not easily offended.

5. What is your main TZ? What hours do you usually play in?
USTZ - around 2300 -> 0300 are my usual hours.
However, on the weekends I am sometimes on during EUTZ / whenever the koreans are on.

6. List all of your characters below including; how many SP (to the nearest million), what their role is and links to their killboard.
Psychotic Sidekick, 135m - revelation, archon, apostle, logi5, recon5, most fleet ships, etc
Maleficent Sidekick, 42m - devoter, logi5, going for recon5
psy's alt, 1m - jita alt
M1RANDU, 5m - PI / haulter alt
SK-II, 1m - unused alt
SK-III - jita alt

7. Do you have any capitals? If so, what and which character.
8. If no, why not?
Psychotic Sidekick - Naglfar, Apostle, Revelation (can fly, don't currently have anymore), 4x Archons

9. Do you have any Supercapitals/Titans? If so, what and which character.
No supers for me - no plans to have any toons sit in them either.

10. What type of gameplay do you enjoy the most?
I appreciate all three PVP types of EVE - I see them as solo, small gang, and fleet work. Solo is good to fill the quiet times when nothing is going on (also keeps you sharp). Small gangs are the best time to talk shit and blow stuff up. Fleet work can be tedious, but is an EVE specific experience that is exhilarating like no other game can provide. Perhaps small gang is my favourite - though the other two come close.

11. Do you have any FC experience? If yes please elaborate
12. If no to the above, are you interested?
I have experience leading gangs of small ships (faction cruisers and down only), and usually under ten pilots. If everyone is comfortable losing their ships, then I am willing to step up.

13. How do you make ISK ingame?
I used to run L5s. I haven't really thought about this yet. If I get into BOS I will have enough to hold me over for a while until I figure something new out.

14. If you were an inch inside your mum, and your dad an inch inside you… which way would you push to get out?
Disneyland sure brings back fond memories..

15. SCENARIO 1: You log in and not much is happening....what do you do?
Take out a destroyer/cruiser/battlecruiser and start roaming up the nearest pipe.

16. SCENARIO 2: Someone calls you a faggit in comms....what do you do?
I don't consider being called a homosexual an insult - its a pretty dated and ignorant thing to say now. I would just tell him/her to chill out.

17. Can you provide your favorite solo PVP fit and explain how you would fly it?
Lowsec - MWD shield autocannon thrasher. It is super cheap, and you never need to be afraid of taking a fight. Everyone knows what to expect from the hull, but you can always find some interesting fights with thoughtful positioning.
Null - MWD shield hurricane (425s, long point, with two medium neuts). Its also very cheap, and the two neuts are surprisingly effective on tackling small ships, and breaking active tank hacs. Take every fight you think you have a chance of winning.

18. Are there any corp/alliance services you could provide? Examples being; scouting, wormhole mapping, running cynos etc?
Scouting, cynos, logi, probing. (see number 14)

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Re: Psychotic Sidekick - BOS Application

Post by farrow_tsasa » Fri Jul 19, 2019 6:48 pm

Application successful - please feel free to apply to corp and you will be accepted.