Application A7ex Sith

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A7ex Sith

Application A7ex Sith

Postby A7ex Sith Fri Sep 07, 2018 2:43 pm

Hi i'm A7ex

I want to be where war is without all the politic and the drama. what i enjoy the most in EVE is a good fight with nice people and im looking to find a nice brotherhood team to do it. Im 35 year old married with 3 kids ive got a stressfull job and EVE is where i can relaxe. Im playing since more then two years with french europeen and im tired of not beeing on the right TZ this is why i start looking around where i like to go and this is where i found MC. My game time is mostly on week days USTZ evening and sunday morning (i need to keep a little bit of time for my familly ) my main have 100M SP and my alt 38M. I dont have any home right now im traveling will all my essentiel stuff in my two cap around new eden. Since april I joined the alliance FXR and we move to pure blind right at the edge of the conflict with initiative and realy like to be living on an every day battlefield until we get kick out by goons ... we fight until the end and it was very enjoyble. I dont whant to join a SOV alliance and wait for conflict when every one prefer farming isk then forming pvp roams. The mercenary lifestill represent what should be EVE brotherhood and PVP.

PS,. Dont look at my gramar and think « this guy never go to school ! » im french canadien ... dont judge me lol ! Hope to get news from you if your Corp is maybe not the best fit for me in MC please redirect myself to the proper one.

Thank you
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Re: Application A7ex Sith

Postby farrow_tsasa Sun Sep 09, 2018 7:34 pm

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