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Postby Jolteon Tue Aug 07, 2018 10:22 am


I was in your Discord and read a discussion between a member of Imperium and BOS recruiter. I filled in your form with my main's name, but I'm posting the thread on my alt's name as that member was suggested to do. I'm in my late 20s, from London and play most nights until about 2am (1am Eve time) and weekends later.

I started Eve about 2 years ago at the end of World War Bee; most of the alliances were still blue to each other so I decided to join Goonswarm in order to experience sov warfare and get some content. Objective accomplished, but after that everyone went back to krabbing and I found myself starved of content and without any caps to actually make use of the safety of Delve.

I played around in Wormholes for a bit, missed the pap requirement and got purged from Goons. I rejoined because I read about UALX and started joining fleets, which was probably a mistake, judging by the conversation in Discord. My preferences have evolved towards small to medium gang stuff and tactical fighting, but all we have right now are blobs. I don't mind large fleets, I love being a part of set-piece battles, but days and days of entosis and POS bashing with 600 battleships isn't interesting to me if there's nothing smaller and faster to break it up.

About a year and a half ago, I started listening to Eve music and found SUAS, starting with Little Bees and getting through to Hello & Fuck Goons. I remember looking into BOS at the time and I think I put an app in about a year and a half ago but never posted on the forum to follow it up. I play this game solely for PvP, you won't find a Rorqual or blinged ratting ship on my Zkill losses, and I'm hoping that BOS is the corp where I can further my learning and play to this objective.

o/ Jolt

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