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Postby 001RoBB Tue Jun 19, 2018 9:38 am

Right... So I have played eve on and off for the last 5 years. I have for the majority of that time lived in wormholes which as of late including my corp are dead. Eddala is a good friend of mine and on returning and re subbing I see has left for greener pastures which of course is you guys.
I will ask questions and quickly fit in to how things run. eager to learn the ways of Null Sec. If online I will be ready for anything FC needs and possibly give a few options as between my toons I can fly a great deal of ships. personally want to purchase a Thanatos for Isk making can fly the fit Eddala sent me. Have a Moros somewhere as well.

I want to blow stuff up.... please.

Got these from discord:

* We don't expect a minimum amount of skill points, but you should make the amount you have count.
Got plenty (Main is over 100m) will do my best to make them count.

* We would like a pvp history, a strong desire to blow stuff up is needed.
I play for PVP and the desire to blow stuff up is strong

* We expect competent and active players. No dead weight or warm bodies, if you have a question, just ask.
When I'm online I am ready if I'm unsure I shall ask

* We are a PVP Corp and as such if ops are running we do expect you to be on them.
Again if i'm online I'm ready and waiting.

Requirements of BOS members:

* Again be active, be in fleets and step up when something is needed.
This is what I want and I want to offer a range of options for FC to better my flying with each

* Have a microphone that works.
Of course

* Be active in discord and the forums.
Of course

* Be self sufficient for isk.
Isk is not a problem I have at the moment
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Re: KA Gunslinger

Postby farrow_tsasa Tue Jul 10, 2018 10:38 pm

Application accepted, welcome to the corp.

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