Snuffalufagus - Returning to EVE

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Snuffalufagus - Returning to EVE

Postby Snuffalufagus Sun Feb 04, 2018 9:42 pm


I'm Snuffalufagus. I am a fairly new pilot, despite my account being over a decade old. I have played EVE twice before, once in the Staind Alliance several years ago where I really couldn't do much and once in Pandemic Horde, where I enjoyed my time very much and tried to be a productive member of their society while learning as much as I could.

Due to real life problems (read: working an obnoxious amount in the Valley, which I am no longer doing) I had to unsub from EVE in late 2016.

I am looking for something a little more personal than Horde now, where I can learn specific ships that I enjoy. Would love to try out the BOS crew.

As a note, in March I am going to be travelling the entire month and will not be on EVE.
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Re: Snuffalufagus - Returning to EVE

Postby farrow_tsasa Thu Feb 08, 2018 7:36 am

Hey Snuff,

Thanks for your application. The alliance has a 20m sp minimum, so I would recommend keep the training going and reapply when you return in May - by then you should be fine. Feel free to stay in the discord channel to rekindle this in May if you're still interested in joining then.

To give you an idea of doctrines we use so you can plan your skill queue:
- Cormorants with t2 rail guns
- Ferox with t2 guns
- Machariels
- Cynabals
- Rattlesnakes

Also make sure you get the supporting skills that improve cap/weapons/tank. If you need any further help please do not heistate to DM me in Discord and I can get a training plan together if need be.

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