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Postby Malaficles Tue Nov 21, 2017 2:04 am

Hello capsuleers o/

As the title states, my main toon is Malaficles, and I'm actively looking for a new home in Eve.
I started playing in 2009, high sec carebeared and learned the game mechanics for a year before taking some time off (2 years or so)
I came back again in 2012(ish) and stuck around for a year the second time. I started a corp for newbros, Mandalorian Arms, and we went off and lived in Solitude. I got some basic experience FC'ing small gangs there, and learned how much work running a corp could be; being CEO is one experience I can do without at this point in my Eve career. I then took another break while I finished up my degree.

Last year, I came back to the game, and decided I wanted to move out to Null and see what life was like out there. I was very fortunate to find 30+, a great group of guys in FCON (not so fortunate....), and they got me acclimated to living in null. While I loved my time with 30+, they have decided to join InPanic and moved out to Etherium Reach. Because I prefer a PvP oriented atmosphere, I think that the corp's decision will not fit with my in game goals (which is to fly in PvP fleets often as possible.) I expect that things will grow quite stale out there, and that the logistics of living so far from a market hub will be a major PITA. Therefore, I have decided to find a new home in Eve, and get ready for the next chapter of my space life.

My checklist for a new corp was:
1. Relatively mature/lacking in drama.
2. Very active in PvP.
3. Capable FC's and cap usage.

I knew about Mercenary Coalition, and their reputation as the most successful merc group in Eve, and checked Dotlan to see what the largest corps in the alliance were. BOS was #1, and I like to see a full corp chat- and get to know a wide variety of people. While smaller corps have some advantages, I play MMOs for their social aspect, and it's more fun (at least for me) to be social with a wider variety of people.

As far as my expectations for BOS, I hope to find a home where I can fly and learn from some of the better PVP pilots in the game, and have an opportunity to use some of the more shiny toys that gathered dust in my hangar while in FCON. Aside from that- I wanted the opportunity to PvP without the drama of null-sec politics and just have an opportunity to fly in a lot of fleets, and stay away from the BS. I play about 15 hours per week, in the USTZ.

Hope to see y'all in game soon.
Fly safe,
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Postby farrow_tsasa Fri Dec 01, 2017 4:23 pm

Application accepted - Welcome to the corp

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