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Calvin Bathana


Postby Calvin Bathana Tue Oct 24, 2017 7:49 pm

Hi :)

My Name is Calvin Bathana and im going to introduce my self as requested.

Im in general a big fan of pvp and space games. and i been wanting to play eve for so long and now im finally doing it but im missing the social aspect.

i would really like too learn this game by doing, but need some help and someone to teach me the good and bad. :geek:

Best regards

Calvin B
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Re: Recruitment

Postby farrow_tsasa Wed Oct 25, 2017 5:09 pm

Hi Calvin,

Thank you for your application. Black Omega Security is a full PVP alliance for experianced members. However, as we are part of the Mercenary Coalition, we have a training alliance called Mercenary Academy. From here you will recive tutoring teaching you the basic PVP skills to the finer details, and you seem like a perfect fit.

join 'Mercenary Academy' in game and speak with a recruiter there. I have included a link below to their forum thread giving you more information: ... s-you/4171

Once you have graduated you are free to apply to any MC corp - obviously you will remember where you got referred!

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