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Postby lybra7 Wed Oct 18, 2017 7:29 am

Hi, my in-game character name is Michael Lavine.

I'm fairly new to this game, only started for half month, but PVP has always been what I like to do for most games. I've heard that PVP in EVE is one of its most amazing part, so I want to explore and study more about it and eventually become a mercenary. And with so many year-experienced players in BOS, I hope I can get accepted to learn from them and become a proud member of the corp.
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Re: recruitment

Postby farrow_tsasa Wed Oct 18, 2017 1:54 pm

Hy Lybra,

Thank you for your application to Black Omega. If you are new to the game/pvp we recommend going first to our graduate programme where you get taught everything you need to know about PVP - Mercenary Academy. Once you have graduated you are then free to reapply to a corp (and by that i mean us :P) in Mercenary Coalition. ... s-you/4171.

Do feel free to join 'Open Omega' in game channel if you want to discuss more.

Fly Safe o7

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