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Postby GrimJack Fri Jul 21, 2017 2:38 pm


I started playing eve beginning of this year interested in Space games EvE seemed to be the best option.
I joined test hearing its a good alliance for new Players aswell as being the reddit alliance which i am on alot anway.
After half a year i got a good handle of the game the Big Alliances, Politics, and how everything works pretty well but
i just cant stand to be in Test any longer not because i hate the alliance or something its just i cant stand some people but the biggest reason is that, when i started the game i always wanted to do PvP and basically be a Pirate. I noticed over time that i am just not doing that instead im spending most of the time Exploring or Ratting instead and i cant stand it anymore. Thus i decided to join one of the Alliances that actually do PvP.

And thats pretty much what i am expecting aswell No Drama Fun.

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