roflcarrot's application and greetings post

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roflcarrot's application and greetings post

Postby roflcarrot Sat Jan 28, 2017 9:21 am

Hi there black omega security team,

I'm roflcarrot.

I've been playing Eve on and off for 5 years. I have been in null for most of that time. As a 2 month newbie, I was introduced into null and goonswarm where I got my first fleet combat experience. After a break and some wormhole exploration, I rejoined null with Bovril. I appreciate Bovril a lot for helping newbies. Frankly, they are doing a stellar job to transition players from highsec to null, despite being heavily predated by killboard-starved pros. It was with them that I learned most of my knowledge of the mechanics of a nullsec life: the importance of jump freighters and fuel production, pipebombs, gatecamps, bubbles, cloaky campers, roaming gangs, PoS, TCUs, Call to Arms, home defense fleets, capital ship best practices, etc.
I took it upon myself to improve my PvP skills, which as helpful as Bovril leadership was to this process, really comes down to repeated trial and error by myself. I went into lowsec and immediately attacked the most fearsome looking pvp veteran i could find. After I lost, I started hanging out with him and his friends and learned a lot about lowsec and 1v1 pvp, including scram kiting, point kiting, brawling, slingshotting, importance of range control, the n+1 policy, differences in specific ships in a pvp context, overheat control, etc.
I am looking to transition my corporation/alliance into a more pvp-focused one. I no longer specifically require a null pve corporation, since I can make far more ISK daytrading in tradehubs than I can carrier ratting. Getting enough ISK to plex my accounts is not an issue for me anymore, so I want to start having fun. The hunted becomes the hunter.


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