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You'd like to join BOS? There are a few things you should know before you apply:

* We don't expect a minimum amount of skill points, but you should make the amount you have count.

* We would like a pvp history, a strong desire to blow stuff up is needed.

* We expect competent and active players. No dead weight or warm bodies, if you have a question, just ask.

* We are a PVP Corp and as such if ops are running we do expect you to be on them.

Requirements of BOS members:

* Again be active, be in fleets and step up when something is needed.

* Have a microphone that works.

* Be active in discord and the forums.

* Be self sufficient for isk.

Still want to join ? .. Here is the actual process:

Go here to speak with a recruiter now :---> LIVE CHAT

1) Join our Recruitment discord and ask a recruiter for a link. Once the link has been provided log in and authorise all characters that you own. A screenshot of each log in screen will also be needed to verify accounts (thanks CCP...)
2) Start a new thread in the recruitment forum ( Title this with your mains name )
:---> GO HERE Explain a bit about your history in EVE and what you expect of your future in BOS.
3) In case you get accepted, be active and shine to get through the trial.
4) If you get through the trial process, you've become a member of BOS.
5) If you do not take the application process or the trial seriously, we will not take you seriously.

Now, just in case you apply, Make sure to get into the Open Omega channel in game to see how your app is going and good Luck, hopefully we'll be flying together soon..

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