Reginald's Intro Post

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Reggie Crowley

Reginald's Intro Post

Postby Reggie Crowley Wed Nov 07, 2018 9:51 pm


I'm Reg and I love to blow up spaceships. Don't care what size, I just want to see explosions.

There's no word to fully describe my love to PvP. Large main fleets, small gangs roam, camping and blops all make me happy. After leaving the Imperium, I decided to look for a new home and BOS had always caught my attention. From what I've witnessed, you guys are honorable, active in PvP, always bring good fights and a close-knitted group of people that I'd love to be part with.

IRL I'm currently a grad student studying about Astrophysics in NY. Fairly laidback and chill but always can enjoy some bit of good humor.

Hope to fly with you guys soon!

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